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We have over 40 years combined experience providing a range of Asbestos Surveying, Compliance and Consultancy services. We provide Asbestos related services in all sectors including Industrial, Commercial, Residential/Domestic. We pride ourselves on our commitment to both our commercial and residential customers.


Much of our work comes from repeat business or client referrals. This is down to the trustworthiness and positive attitudes from each and every individual here at Heitrich. We always deliver to what has been agreed and will always go that extra mile to keep that smile.


Every client has received the highest standard, from initial customer service, advice, progress updates to the final report. Don’t just take our word for it, see our reviews and find out for yourselves.

HeiTrich and Associates

Heitrich and Associates are fully Licensed, accredited, regulated and insured. Our services are provided within all sectors, from domestic to commercial to industrial scales. See the list of client experience.

Customer Focused. Results Driven.

With our Head Office based in the Centre of England, in the heart of Leicester, we not only reach out locally but also nationally with other locations in London, Manchester, the Midlands, Southampton, Scotland, Wales.
Including international clients from major oil to retail companies. Being in the centre of the UK means we are easily able to reach out to most of our national clients within an achievable timeframe. Especially our oncall/Emergency sampling services.


Professional Team

Our team will help you comply with local legislation and, if asbestos needs to be removed from a building or object, we can advise on how it should be removed or repaired. To add to this, our surveyors, analysts and consultants can advise when asbestos can remain in situ, dependent upon constant monitoring to ensure it does not deteriorate or become disturbed.

Moreover, in their daily work they are responsible for ensuring that asbestos remediation is conducted professionally and with expertise.

Focusing on Solution

Identifying asbestos can be tough. More than 3500 materials contain asbestos, meaning identification of products with potentially dangerous asbestos is a job for experts. Don’t take the risk, leave it to Heitrich.

Our asbestos professionals identify whether asbestos is present in your premises or project. Our services are designed to minimise or remove the risk of asbestos.